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Zavod1 is the "brand name" I came up with for the HO scale locomotive models I produce here in my little studio. Why Zavod1? That's easy. Locomotives are built in a factory - in Russian, zavod. And only one guy works in THIS factory - me! Therefore, Zavod1 it is.

For the past four years I've had to bother Joe Zammetti, my long-suffering web site guy, every time I produced a new batch of models: changing text on the page, adding and deleting photos, etc. Bear in mind that I produce Zavod1 locomotives in batches - sometimes very small batches. So I thought about other ways to set up the Zavod1 page, and how I might integrate it with the "Red Star Comments" page which Joe kindly designed so non-HTML me can post news, comments and remarks myself - without driving him over the edge!

Here's what I decided.

At this time, I produce two different locomotive models - the twin-unit 2TE10U, and the single-unit diesel shunter TEM2. I produce the TEM2 in both its Russian/Soviet version and in its Polish derivatives - the TEM2 (for industry) and the SM48 (for PKP). Here are photos of these three locomotive types: first the 2TE10U (a two-section locomotive), a Soviet/Russian TEM2, and finally Polish SM48.

Loco 9



Batches of these models will differ in nationality, livery, and details. However, they will be basically the same models shown in the photos.

From now on, I will announce production of a new batch of Zavod1 models on the "Red Star Comments" page with a description of the new batch (nationality, color, specifications, etc.), and with a request that interested persons contact me via email for photos of the models in the current batch. I will then send photos to you via email.

I would like to express my gratitude to Yevgeny Kushnir for his photos of my Zavod1 models, to Andreas Nesemann for his photos of the 2TE10U-0429 batch, and to Joe Zammetti for not going totally around the bend from my constant "requests" for updates to the Red Star Railways web site. Thanks, guys.

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