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When we railway modellers build our layouts, we're telling the story of railways. But until recently the greatest railway story could not be told. Half of the rail traffic in the world rolled on Soviet railways, but railway modellers couldn't obtain the models and information they needed to tell the Russian railway story.

Until now.

Red Star Railways brings you everything you need to explore the fascinating world of Russian railways.

Alumilite Resin casting products and supplies

MODELS HO and N Scale models made in the Red Star Railways workshop

VIDEOS of railways in Russia, Ukraine, the Baltics, and other parts of the former Soviet Union

BOOKS AND MAGAZINES Bringing you information on the former Soviet Railways

LINKS to Russian railway websites

CONTACT US with questions, or to place an order

Have fun exploring our website! Welcome to the world of Russian railways modelling! If we can help -- CONTACT US

Baltic Narrow Gauge from
Three Stars Productions
VHS or DVD, in NTSC or PAL Format

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Russian Railway Ring Member

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