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Why "KubikiRSR"? In Russian "kubiki" means "building blocks" -- the kind we all played with when were children. I'm sure some Russian toy company already uses "kubiki" as a brand name, so I'm calling these parts "KubikiRSR" - "Building Blocks" made by Red Star Railways!

Typical Soviet-era apartment buildings are a signature item in the former USSR and throughout Eastern Europe. (Okay, the apartment on the diorama is unusually colorful - but a friend in Lithuania lives in the real-life building, so . . .)

Friends asked me to make scratchbuilding aid parts for low - relief background models of these apartment buildings. They also asked me if I could make parts for a typical Soviet pre-cast concrete station platform - supports and platform slabs.


The apartment modules can be combined to produce exactly the configuration you desire. Castings are made using Alumilite mold material and casting resin. Prices per unit are as shown below.
left corner $0.50 left wall $0.60
balcony $2.25 balcony railing $0.25
center wall $1.20 right wall $0.60
right corner $0.50  

Prices shown are for one-piece sales. Discounts are available. The more parts you order, the better the discount will be. Since each purchaser's requirements will differ, discounts will be calculated on a case-by-case basis. Sample packs including one of each part are available for $5.00 plus shipping.

Remember - these are NOT kits, these are aids to scratchbuilding. You're on your own for the ground floor and top floor, because these differ between individual buildings. However, I'll include a set of suggestions with your purchase to make life easier.


This was simple, right? Just make a master for the pre-cast platform and the pre-cast platform supports. Wrong! Nothing is simple! I didn't pay attention to platforms when I was in Russia or Ukraine, so I spent a lot of time viewing Revelation Audiovisual's Transsiberian Centennial video for information (see the Videos page).

The concrete-textured platform slabs represent platforms which have seen years of rough use, and cost $1.75 each.. Platform supports are similarly textured, and retail for $0.50 each. As with the apartment castings, discounts are available based on quantity purchased.


You will need to do some cutting and trimming to obtain the best results with these parts. However, the end results are a typically Soviet background structure and an equally Soviet suburban passenger platform. I make all these parts here in my studio, so I try to keep the prices reasonable. If you have any questions, phone or send an email as per the Contact Us page.

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