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For years, I have been a very happy user of Alumilite's resin casting products. I produce all the items in the Zavod1, Proletarian Series, and KubikiRSR lines using Alumilite mold rubber and casting resin. It's a comprehensive, well-integrated product line, and it's backed up by excellent customer service and technical support. Check their web site at - it's full of information and practical how-to instructions.

I am happy to announce that I am now a dealer for Alumilite resin casting products. The products shown below are those which I have found most useful, so that's what I'm stocking. However, if you need other Alumilite products (check their web site), please let me know so I can order them for you.

Please note: Alumilite strongly supports hobby shops which stock their products. I respect and admire Alumilite's commitment to their dealers. For this reason, when I receive Alumilite orders from within the United States, I will check the Alumilite web site for a local brick-and-mortar hobby shop in the customer's area which stocks Alumilite products and urge the customer to check with their local dealer first. I'd rather lose a few sales than contribute to the demise of even one brick-and-mortar hobby shop.

Enough said! Let's look at the world of Alumilite.

Item No. 20001 - Alumilite Quickset RTV Mold Rubber - $27.50

Alumilite Quickset RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) is an excellent, durable mold material for parts that don't have undercuts. The cure time is four hours (though I normally allow molds to cure at least overnight). Each kit contains one pound of base, a container of catalyst, a measuring spoon, and full instructions.

Item No. 20400 - Alumilite HS II RTV Mold Rubber - $27.50

If you're making copies of a part that has undercuts, use Alumilite HS II (High Strength). It mixes like Quickset but the resulting mold is much more flexible, allowing parts with undercuts to be removed from the mold. Again, each kit contains rubber base, catalyst, measuring spoon, and instructions.

Item No. 10010 - Alumilite Regular Casting Resin -$30.50

Alumilite Regular urethane casting resin is easy to use and produces rigid, temperature-resistant castings. Just combine equal parts of Part A and Part B, mix thoroughly, and pour into your mold. Pot life is about ninety seconds, and you can demold your casting in five to eight minutes, depending on the thickness of your casting. You get 28 ounces of resin, measuring cups, stirring sticks, and instructions. I use Alumilite regular for 99% of my casting work.

Item No. 10560 - Alumilite Mini Casting Kit - $30.00

If you want to try resin casting without spending lots of money, this is the way to go. The Mini Casting Kit contains 8 ounces of Alumilite Regular casting resin, 113 grams of Quickset RTV mold-making rubber, Alumilite synthetic molding clay, measuring cups, stirring sticks, and an idiot-proof step-by-step instruction manual.

Item No. 42402 - Alumilite Rubber-to-Rubber Mold Release - $4.00

If you're going to make a two-part mold, you MUST have this special rubber-to-rubber mold release. RTV mold rubber doesn't stick to urethane casting resin, but it sticks like mad to other RTV rubber! To prevent the parts of your two-part mold from sticking together, apply this mold release to all exposed RTV on the lower part of your mold. Once the RTV cures, you'll be able to separate the two parts of your mold easily. Do NOT use cooking spray or other "folk medicine" concoctions as a mold release - they don't work. Yes, I speak from experience.

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